Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Focus Areas

In order to achieve maximum impact in our CSR endeavour, we focus on some key areas. These include:

  • Community Empowerment & Development

    We achieve this through the provision of basic amenities like water, schools and health facilities for host communities as well as offering employment opportunities to eligible hands.

  • Education

    Provision of infrastructure (Lecture theatres, buses, etc), scholarship for brilliant students, sponsorship of academic prizes at higher institutions relevant to our industries, renovation of dilapidated public school buildings, sponsorship of sporting events, career talk, among others.

  • Philanthropy for Indigent Citizens

    Financial support for indigent and disadvantaged individuals with urgent and life-threatening needs like severe medical conditions.

  • Collaboration with Relevant NGOs

    Financial support for NGOs advancing worthy causes (education, health, child development, youth & women empowerment and skill acquisition programmes, etc), especially in rural communities.

  • Partnership with relevant professional groups, industry sectoral bodies & bilateral chambers of commerce, among other relevant agencies.