SIFAX Logisitics and Marine Services Limited

SIFAX Logistics & Marine Services (SLMS) Limited was established solely as a vehicle for the growth and maximization of Nigeria local content participation.

SLMS is 100% owned Nigerian company and a provider of special transportation with respect to offshore support services, marine vessel transportation, towage and other related marine services to both offshore and onshore oil terminals in Nigeria and the West African region.

The company specializes in provision of high quality marine support solutions putting safety and environment at the forefront.


We want to be the benchmark for quality services in an ever-growing local content marine sector, specializing in the provision of special transportation and other related marine services.


To provide quality and efficient service that guarantees our clients the value for their money.
To sustain a healthy reputation by constantly seeking professional personnel who are experts in maritime logistics requirements unique to our clients


  • We are committed to maintaining the very standards when it comes to a safe healthy working environment for our employees and everybody else affected by our activities.
  • Whatever we do, we do it safely or not at all.
  • We work to ensure that all we do is environmentally economically and socially sustainable.
  • Providing second to none service.

Business Competitiveness

SLMS Limited assures high standard by engaging well-trained and competent personnel as well as deploying the highest quality assets in all our operations.

Safety means everything to our clients and to us. We believe that all accidents and incidents are preventable and that no business objective is so important that it should be pursued at the sacrifice of safety. Unconditionally, living this principle in all our operations is a matter not only of maintaining a solid safety record, but also of protecting human lives and environment. We do it safely or not.

We also recognize that offering second-to-none safety and support solutions requires not only the best hardware but also the best people. Our ambition is to attract and continuously develop the industry’s best craftsmen offshore as well as onshore wherever our clients do business.

Innovation is not only a matter of inventing and applying new technology. We pursue second-to-none and cost effective solutions by integrating great technology, great minds and great skills. Recognizing that no client is just another client, and that no job is just another job, we tailor solutions to match the geographical, maritime and business environment in which our clients operate.